Annual Neighborhood Dues

The annual neighborhood dues for Foxboro are due January 1st of each year.  Currently, dues are $60.00 and are very important to the safety and upkeep of our neighborhood.  Your dues are the sole source of funds for yearly expenses throughout the neighborhood, including paying for the streetlights (this is a cost that comes 100% from dues, and last year 85% of dues collected were used just to pay LG&E).  We also use a very small amount of our dues to pay for maintenance and beautification of the neighborhood islands and common areas, neighborhood communications, and to help fund the few social events we offer each year.  With greater participation from our neighbors, we can do even more to enhance the character and appeal of our community, so please do your part!

THANKS to all those who have already paid for the year!!

The annual neighborhood Dues for Foxboro are only $60.00 which is well below the dues in similar neighborhoods in our area.  Any extra you contribute will help us continue to maintain and improve the appearance and safety of our neighborhood.

Contribution Levels*:

  • Bronze: $60.00 ($63.00 if using PayPal)
  • Silver: $75
  • Gold: $100
  • Platinum: $150
Click here to Donate Now using a credit card or your PayPal account
Click here to Donate Now using a credit card or your PayPal account

*Please add $3.00 to your payment to cover the PayPal fee if using PayPal

Send your check made payable to:

Foxboro Neighborhood Association

10016 Foxboro Dr.

Louisville, KY 40223